Welcome to African bags Store


Welcome to the African Bags Online Store!

This African Bags Online Store is powered by Pro-poor African Curio Trade (PROACT). The Fair Trade shop aims at addressing the problems facing the rural marginalized women, namely; poverty, youth unemployment and gender inequality through the sale of hand made bags, baskets and Kiondos.

More than 50% of Kenyans especially women live below the poverty line (CBS), baskets, Kiondo and african bags weaving  is one of the best means of helping the poor women in Kenya. This is so since baskets weaving skills are inherent with , requires little capital to kick off and the fact that bags weaving is labour intensive and requires semi-skilled labour. Essentially,    African bags online shop works with women since majority are the sole breadwinners in most rural homesteads. Most women in Kenya lacks  land, adequate employment in agriculture and or formal employment.

Currently,  African  Bags Shop is working with over 500 women members who are benefiting from this African bags/kiondos/baskets hand weaving outfit. We use an alternative dimension to international curio trade by promoting sustainable development for the marginalized  women baskets weavers in Kenya. African Bags Online Shop  primary goal is thus to help the marginalized and disadvantaged Kenyan women by advancing micro-loans, promoting women independence and gender equality, providing decent working conditions, increasing their production capacity and helping them to sell their hand woven bags at fair prices in the Fair Trade Market.

We are guided by the slogan "Give the marginalized women a fish and you feed them for today, teach them to fish and you feed them forever". We believe that sustainable african baskets weaving is better than aid since it equips the women with a sustainable means of earning their livelihood as opposed to waiting for funds which might not be forthcoming or may not be consistent.

Currently, African Bags is coordinating the production and the marketing of products from three workshops in Kenya: Tsiekuru, Masii, Gitugi and Kitui. Each workshop is self-managed; salaries and working conditions are well above other production centres from the same sector. In excess of this members are trained on how to produce high quality bags, baskets and kiondos, how to save and reinvest their earnings, how to form social groups and how to improve their welfare. At the moment we are working with over 500 women who are african bags weavers and are making handmade bags from wool, sisal, baobab and banana fibres.